The Origin of The Hinishiya Hero

In the “Hiniya!” we gave new names to our fingers, three or so ways to call each, but as i said they all mean the same thing. Most of you will probably find that easy to understand for say 1 and one but won’t understand what this hinshiya hero business is……

I’ll try to explain in this post :3
Most of you may or may not have recognized the pictures i used as being from anime
some of you may even recognize the anime xD
That alone may have been a hint the names hi ni shi ya and hero comes from japanese‽
But wait the japanese don’t count like that right?
well yes and no

the Japanese actually have three ways of counting!
The first way is one we’re, probably, all familiar with:
ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, shichi, hachi, kyuu/ku, jyuu
Though “shi” and “shichi” aren’t used that much and are usually replaced by “yon” and “nana” these two are actually part of an older way of counting that is sometimes still used.
That bring us to the second counting system which is often known as the “native” system:
hi, fu, mi, yo(n), itsu, mu, nana, ya, koko, tou
As you can probably already see i took 2 “names” from each of these two systems namely
hi and ya from the native and ni and shi from the usual system but i mentioned they have 3 systems….
well the third system is actually english but written out in japanese:
wan, tsū, surī, fō, faibu, shikusu, sebun, eito, nain, ten
i know, i know almost unrecognizable but if you run these through a text-to-speech english it’ll sound “engrish”
This is also an nice example that sounds in a language aren’t confined to one writing system. And yes in all three cases are counting from 1-10

But back to the topic i haven’t explained why the pinky is called hero….
instead i may or may have confused you with unneccesary or unrelated trivia about japanese counting haha.
well actually it is related :3
you see these three systems are mixed and matched sticked together, like I did with “hiniya”, and in what is known as “goroawase”.

Goroawase is crudely said a system for making puns :^3
aaaand yes that means “hero” is a pun made with number lahahaha
how does it work?
it takes the first syllable of a number out of any of the three number systems and just sticks them together
For example 16 is made out of a 1 and a 6, one in the native system is “hi” and 6 in the usual system is “roku”. So taking the “ro” from roku and the “hi” we get “hiro” which in japanese sounds awfully like the english “hero”

Extra the picture can be read as 99 or using the system we just discussed as “kuku” which sounds like a viable one piece laughter :3
how is it 99? and why is “shi” usually replaced with “yon” i’ll try to explain that in two another posts :3


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