The Complement of The Hinishiya Hero

Hiniya! Quite a journey, huh? From Hiniya! to the Origin of the Hinishiya Hero to Kuku & Yarona to Kuku or Roro Shiyon〜. All based on the question “is the finger raised?”……… ok maybe not….. we’ve talked about goroawase and tetra-phobia we even mentioned a couple of japanese vocabulary :3 But when came to “calculating” the value of the gestures we went with question “Is the finger raised?” from hiniya to roro to kuku to yarona all of those names are based on the question “which fingers is raised”.
So to speak we’ve talked about “the hinishiya hero” but haven’t spoken yet about his complement! The Complement of the Hinishiya Hero, so to speak, is based on the question “Is the finger bent?”

Let’s start of on familiar grounds. Looking at the image of this post and using what we’ve discussed so far we can see it is hini hero on the minite which is, if we recall correctly, (1+2+16)×32 which is 19×32 or 608. So Romaya! Which is based on the question “which fingers are bent?”. Now then let’s find Romaya’s complement! First off which fingers are bent? It appears to be appears to be a shiya on minite. which means it is (4+8)×32 or 12×32. So the complement of Romaya is: 384 or miyashi xD on minite that is…..
On hite, which we have ignored because it all fingers are bent so it was 0 or ma. In other words the complement of Ma is the Hinishiya Hero! on hite that is 1+2+4+8+16 or 31!
So with that we now have miyashi mihi and mihi sounds weird consulting the wikipedia for goroawase we can “i” can also be used so miyashi mī which is 384+31 or 415!
So Romaya’s complement is Shīko!
now it is interesting to note that Romaya+Shīko is 608+415 or 1023 aka Himanimi!
and well Ma+Mī is well Mī……why is that interesting? Let’s see what the complements of the other posts are then!

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working backwards we have Roro, Yarona, Kuku and Hiniya!
lets start with Roro. The fingers that are bent are Hishiya Hero on both minite and hite, let’s consider the hi bent for variety. That means we have (1+4+8+16)×32+(1+4+8+16) or 29×32+29 which is 928+29 or 957. That means the complement of Roro is Kukona!
now Roro+Kukona=66+957 or 1023 :3 sound familiar? yes! it is Himanimi!

Let’s look at Yarona next. The bent fingers are shi on minite and shiya hero on hite. So we have 4×32+(4+8+16) or 4×32+28 which is 128+28 or 156. That means the complement of Yarona is Hikoro! now what is Hikoro+Yarona? 156+867 is 1023! Himanimi again‽

Kuku! Next is Kuku! the bent finger are shiya hero on both hands. we have calculated shiya hero previously so we have 28×32+28 or 896+28 which is 924! So Kuku’s complement is: Kunishi! And Kunishi+Kuku is, you guessed it, 924+99 or 1023 aka Himanimi!

Finally we have Hiniya! The minite is off screen so we’ll consider that as a Hinishiya Hero. So what fingers are bent on the hite? It is a Shi Hero! Oh my, sounds deadly‽:3
So we have a hinishiya hero and a shi hero. That sums up to 31×32+4+16 or 992+20 which is 1012 aka Himahini! So then what’s Hiniya+Himahini? You better believe it! It is 11+1012 or 1023! yes it is Himanimi!

We can this complement the “two hand complement” but most people who are familiar with binary know this as a 10 bit one’s complement! There’s also an “one hand complement” better known as the 5-bit one’s complement. remember 19×32, Romaya’s complement on minite is Miyashi or 12×32! notice 19+12=31 or mī! you can also see it easily with Hiniya! Hiniya’s one hand compliment is: Shi Hero! In other words 1+2+8 is the one hand complement of 4+16 aka 11+20=31!
In short one hand complements always sum up to 31 while two hands complements sum up to 1023! Which also sums up what the maximum number is that you can count to on one and two hands respectively.

And now I realize we never gave Hiniya a proper name! Hiniya would be Hihi which is the reason, that i forgot to mention, why Hiniya is such a nice greeting :3
we have been using two types of names simultaneously and it appears i never really explained them except how to come up with them silly me (ノ≧ڡ≦)
But this post is long enough so that’s for another post!


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