Kuku & Yarona

kukuku i like that greeting from the Hinishiya Hero

And with that recap let’s first talk about kuku from the Hinishiya Hero, sorry puns i can’t resist them haha, in the post, that I linked twice for emphasis, I said I’d explain why the image of the said post is a representation of 99 or kuku and why “shi” is usually replaced by “yon” in japanese.
And as i already said in this post we’ll talk about kuku i’ll dedicate another post for shiyo ;). so without further ado

as explained in hiniya the value a gesture has is “calculated” from which fingers are raised. If we take another look at tthe “hinishiya hero” and the image of this post yes i’m refering to the posts not the characters

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In both images we can see fingers are raised on both hands. for simplicity let’s focus on the hinishiya hero because, as we can see the hi and ni fingers are raised on both hands. that makes things easier :3 as we can recall from hiniya that would make it “hini” on one hand, which is 1+2 or 3, so how does that become 99? well if we look at the names we’ve chosen there’s some regularity in there: each number is twice the last; 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 now if we were to continue at this rate on the other hand from hi to hero the finger of that hand would be 32, 64, 128, 256, 512…..well that escalated quickly

Now if take hini on that hand we’d have 32+64 or 96, add that to the 3 we got before and we have our 99 \o/ but that could be bit confusing……why is hini on one hand 3 and 96 on another? it should be 3 right? To be consistent and all…..
Actually it is! hini on the second hand is 3 times 32‽‽ notice that hi on the second hand is 32 while it was 1 on the first…..

As second and first hand become a bit of a mouthful I’ll use some goroawase :^3
as such we’ll call 32 “mini” and hand we’ll call “te”. We’ve established I hope 1 as “hi”
as such the second hand we’ll we called “minite” and first hand will be called “hite”. An addition for doing is that the hand on the left is the “second” hand will the other one is the “first”……tldr; to avoid confusion

now the hi on hite was 1 and hi on minite was 32 and hini on hite is 3 while hini on minite is 96, so we can say the value is hini times hi. and sure enough
hini one hite is 3*1 which is 3 obviously and hini on minite is 3*32 which is 96!
this is why the picture of the Hinishiya Hero is kuku or 99

Pop Quiz!
what is the value of this post’s picture?
well on minite we have hiniya hero which is 1+2+8+16 or 27
and on hite we have hini which is 1+2 or 3
finally hiniya hero on minite is then 27*32 or 864
so this post picture is then 864+3 or 867 in finger binary xD

notice that the names gives a hint of the value; this why i say we’ll call 32 “mini” and hand “te”, all values of the “minite” are multiples of 32 or “mini”! While all the values on hite are multiple of 1 or “hi” which just itself 😛
now using the same “goroawase” 867 is yarona 😉


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