This is Finger Binary :3
First of all yes not the most comfortable “number” to use to greet 😛
Nevertheless I’ll use this one to try and explain how finger binary works xD

To begin we’ll rename every one of our fingers:
the thumb we’ll call “one”, “1” or “hi”
the index finger we’ll call “two”, “2” or “ni”
the middle finger we’ll call “four”, “4” or “shi”
the ring finger we’ll call “eight”, “8” or “ya”
the pinky we’ll call “Six-teen”, “16” or “hero”
All three names all mean the same thing. yes in this context “hero” means 16

now that we’ve given them new names we’ll use them in a example:
in the picture you can see that “hi”, “ni” and “ya” are raised, while “shi” and “hero” are not so this gesture can be read as “hiniya” xD

But wait‽ you’ll probably think what does this  have to do with binary?
welll…. as i’ve said all three names mean the same thing sooo
hiniya is read as 1+2+8 or 11 :^3
so that gesture is actually 11 in finger binary!!

now if we keep in mind that in the picture the hi, ni and ya fingers are raised while the shi and hero fingers are not
we can then ask the question “is the finger raised?” for each finger.
if yes=1 and no=0 then going from hi to hero the answer would be 11010
and the binary form of 11 is just that:11010

but where did the names hi, ni, shi, ya, hero come from i’ll explain that in another post :3


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