The Origin of Ronini

Constructed languages have been made for over century now, as far as i know. Of course there are many aspects such as the sound inventory, grammar rules and vocabularies among others. Out of all those aspects vocabulary and script is interesting for this post. Using finger binary and goroawase one can systematically create vocabulary to be used with finger binary emoji as a script!
Of course goroawase doesn’t cover all the sounds of japanese so we’ll improvise a bit (ノ≧ڡ≦)

Let’s take a look at the phrase Finger binary for example, in engrish that would be fingā bainari. Now we can apply goroawase. let’s start by removing the “n” in fingā because it’s in the way! We then get figā bainari by consulting the goroawase table on wikipedia we can see we’re short a couple of syllables already. So we’ll improvise!
For example if we look at the chinese word for 6 we find “liu” sans tones. As japanese has no word like that we’ll just transliterate it! And it becomes “riu” taking the first part we now have ri with which we have one word complete “binary” becoming bainari or 8+1+7+6 which is 22 or nini
as for figā: we’ll change the voicing of fi to “hi” which is 1 because fu in japanese is transformed similarily as hi, we’ll shorten the gā to ga and change the voicing so we have ka, which isn’t very usefull yet…. The closest we have when looking at the goroawase table are ku and ko. So we’ll have to choose one. As there are words in languages like Javanese that are read with an “o” eventhough its written with an “a”, we’ll choose “ko” as such figā becomes 1+5 = 6. As such finger binary becomes Ronini!

I have summarized what we did in table for reference:

fin=>fi=>hi 1
gā=>ga=>ka=>ko 5
ba 8
i 1
na 7
riliu=>riu=>ri 6

But I also mentioned a script! How would the script look like? well now that we created the name Ronini by transliterating into japanese, applying goroawase and adding the resulting numbers for each word, we can now decide how it would look like. As we’re talking about using finger binary as a language we could then choose to make the script consist of emoji of all the 32 different gestures possible in finger binary! If we decide to use 1 gesture for each word, then as Ronini consisted of two words we could say the peace sign and the gesture for 22. We could also decide to choose one gesture for Finger Binary all together by finding the value for Ronini which is 6+2+2 or 10. The resulting gesture is featured as this posts picture xD In short by using the method we discussed finger binary becomes ronini represented by the gesture for 10.

As it is important to standarize which syllable is related to which number perhaps I’ll make a post detailing on how we can map the entire japanese sound inventory to goroawase…

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